Machinery and Technology 

Global Trading Company

Approved service provider and reliable partner for industrial solutions.
Better conditions for you with German and European suppliers.

Industrial machinery and technology, after sales service and spare parts.


For purchasing processes, plant analyses, process flows. 

Legal expert reports in case of production downtime or any damages.

Main Areas
Manufacturing industry. Plastic film production lines, paper industry,   production plants, system technology, reconstructions.

Foreign customers often pay doubled prices compared to local customers. 


  • language difficulties 
  • different time zones complicate many conversations
  • days of traveling by plane to negotiations are cost intensive and tiring 
  • social behavior patterns are not known 
  • customers are often lured with alleged discounts that have already been included up twice in advance
  • the further away the customer, the higher the prices will be - one of many unspoken secrets

Reasons to work with us

  • "The profit is in the purchase", as a well-known saying goes.
  • 80% of all offers that customers show us are overpriced.
  • Your strategic partner on site, represents 100% of your interests. Promised.
  • Save days-long and cost intensive waiting for provider feedback or searching for products. 
  • Our network of specialists for every area knows only one goal: Support your technical purchase in Europe and ensure your plant availability effective and cost-efficient.
  • We support your purchase- and export departments. Honest. Friendly. Fair. Never ripp-of again.
  • Based In Austria in the heart of Europe.

Selection of some successfull customer projects

Project for South America: 29% Discount

The customer saved approx. 30% from the costs while maintaining the same high quality level.

Repair cost reduction from € 279.000,- down to € 198.000,-

Carried out by OEM suppliers.

Cost reduction in Euro:

€ 81.250,-

China: OEM Equipment for  Production Plant

The offer volume of technical equipment from Germany was € 850.000,-

Cost reduction in Euro:

€ 170.000,-

India: Stretching Line Maintenance

The final offer from a southern German company for all parts was € 640.000,-

Cost reduction in Euro:

€ 121.600,-

Our Partnerships in the following industrial sectors

  • Cleaning systems
  • Woodworking machinery
  • Printing and paper equipment
  • Fluid power equipment
  • Plastics and rubber machinery
  • Power transmission
  • Machine tooling
  • Food processing and packaging 
  • Industrial furnaces and burners
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Measuring and Testing Technology
  • Textile machinery
  • Precision tools
  • Waste treatment plants
  • Materials handling technology
  • Compressor and vacuum technology
  • Process plant and equipment
  • Pumps
  • Power Systems
  • Gas welding
  • Air-handling technology


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