STOP accepting overpriced offers.

We renegotiate your overpriced offers from German speaking suppliers of machines, systems, constructions, system technology, turnkey projects, mergers & acquisitions (M&A).

Only 4 Steps to get your profit.

Please upload the last offer from your business partner and send it to us for a first feedback. Of course we are already subject to confidentiality of all your provided data.

We check it briefly, come back to you within 24 hours of how much potential of savings we see.

If you are still interested in your risk-free additional profit, we will send you our offer based on deep analysis through our technical and commercial specialists.

After you have placed your order to us, we will get in contact to the providing company very seriously and directly. Of course we like to travel to the provider personally. This is a further advantage, you do not need to travel for days because we are already on site and represent your interests at a fair price and consequently cost savings. Many of our customers also love another advantage. Because of they and their purchasing organization can continue good relation ships to their contacts, as A&P bring the hard negotiations in a friendly way to an end. It is also usually the case that companies do not dare to ask for the right honest price due to long-standing good relationships. We negotiate very careful, long-term partnerships should become even better.

Find out if you pay too much. For free! Send us your offer.

Below please find successful finished projects for two of our long term customers.
We ask for your understanding that we do not publicly disclose any names. Not at any time.

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