More than support


                We don't need. Not interested.                        Why should we be.

Project support

We support you with all your planning for new investments in projects.  No matter if it is a new plant, re-location of production lines or an upgrading. To be able to fall back on someone with years of project knowledge in industry is always very valuable.

Legal expert reports

Nobody talks about it. We do. A damage is never pleasant, but it can happen.  An legal report helps you to avoid months of discussions or expensive production downtime.

  • Check completion of technical installations
  • Claims for compensation
  • Damage claims  for insurance companies
  • Warranties, guarantee issues.

 On-site service

For installations, service. Troubleshooting. Whether in the workshop or directly at the production facilities. Within 48h we are on site. At conditions that suit to you. You are the customer, and you need fast support. Production downtimes cannot wait two weeks for a free specialist.


Our team of negotiation experts represents your interests and negotiates new projects on your behalf in German-speaking countries. One of the advantages is that we can be at any location within one day. This also saves you expensive travel, inaccurate translations and you get a native speaker expert directly on site as a loyal partner. Of course, we also conduct renegotiations of already signed negotiations that were not concluded to your satisfaction.

The modern way of support.