India: Stretching Line Maintenance -19%

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Stretching Line Maintenance 


€ 121.000

The quotation from the machine builder for all the required parts was € 640,000.

Many companies refer to the assembly of individual, bought-in components as their OEM equipment and make it difficult for customers to access cheaper spare parts, that they should only buy from them. Through our cooperation with original manufacturers of various components, we were able to obtain the same machine parts of the highest quality at the original prices.
The technical consulting, engineering and purchasing through us, the customer was able to save 19% of the costs for his project.

This corresponds to a sum of € 121,000. The highly satisfied customer used the additional amount for other necessary investments in his company.

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For manufacturing companies, purchasing is the central area to be profitable and competitive, accounting for up to 75 per cent of turnover. "The profit is in the purchase", as a well-known saying goes. This is all the more true when sales prices fall and purchase prices rise.